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Virtual Reality Motorcycle Racing 9D VR Simulator Game Machine Motorbike Arcade Park

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Virtual Reality Motorcycle Racing 9D VR Simulator Game Machine Motorbike Arcade Park


VR racing motorbike is a new amusement machine of our company. Motorcycle racing game simulator always has a great deal of fans. While most racing machines on the market are cars. In fact, motorbike has its own charming and a lot of people can not only play the car racing game in the arcade or the game center. Based on this situation, we developed this motorbike racing, integrating the new vr technology.

VR Racing motorcycle can simulate many actions, and downhill on a variety of road conditions, speed can be adjusted according to your need. In the process of the game, you can collect coins, more enjoy the VR world. In addition, it supports online interaction. Enjoy the fun with your friends and family.


1. Humanization Design

Personal tailor VR walking tour, motion seat, handle.

2. High configuration display

With 32-inch-high quality HD LCD screen, can attract more attentions.

3. Famous brand headset

2560*1440 high resolution screen (5.7 inches), filed of view(FOV):110 degrees.

4. Attractive appearance. colorful LED lights, full of sense of technology and future.

5. Comfortable Sport Cushion

Use the high elastic soft sport cushion, more comfortable in the exciting Stimulate racing game.

6. Safety Resistance Adjustment

Emergency brake resistance adjustment, more safety operation, more authentic experience.

Product List

1. 3DOF dynamic platform with electric system, 32 inches HD screen (high configuration).

2. With high configuration computer (CPU: I5 7400, Memory: 4G, Graphic: 1050TI, Motherboard: Gigabyte H110M).

3. Two flexible motorcycle handle, and single leather comfortable seat.

4. Easy to use operating management system.


Product nameVR Racing Car
VR headsetDPVR Helmet *1
Movie quantity3 Racing games
Playing timeCustomized
Machine sizeL2400*W1000*H1350mm
LCD size32 inches display screen

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