How does VR technology prevent human trafficking?

Pulished on Dec. 19, 2018


Human trafficking is one of the most difficult problems in the world today. Hundreds of thousands of people are trafficked around the world every year. In order to effectively solve this most "sinful transaction", Chris Kiritz, the founder of a non-profit organization "Preventing Human Trafficking", is trying to use VR technology to help the general public understand and face this problem, preventing human trafficking.

How does VR technology prevent human trafficking?cid=17

So how does VR technology prevent human trafficking? Inspired by the VR film Nothing But Nets, Chris Kiriz and partner organizations filmed a movie about mountain tribe girls in Thailand. By raising videos of women who have been persecuted and making them into VR movies to raise awareness of human trafficking.

She also turned her attention to a book《The Dead Eye And The Deep Blue Sea》 which tells the story of a hostage being sold as a slave for five years in this year. She plans to use VR to re-present the book to more people. She made the most important pages in the book into VR scenes, and used the "gamification" method to let users experience the miserable story "immersive".

How does VR technology prevent human trafficking?cid=17

Chris Kiriz believes that VR technology will play an important role in spreading human trafficking information and raising public awareness of human trafficking. This will be a very meaningful thing.

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