What is VRway VR Multiplayer Shooting

Pulished on Mar. 20, 2020


Virtual Reality Amusement Big Station 9D Vr Arcade Machine With Vr Gun Shooting

What is VRway VR Multiplayer Shooting?

VRway VR Large Space Solutions leading in the era. As a brand-new solution of large space, "VR Large Space"comprehensively upgrades the interconnection of virtual battlefields, It breaks the traditional perception that VR large space is a space with wire htc vive helmet and a frame. 

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VRway VR large space is a  backpacking experience makes the continuous playing, stability, no longer a problem that bothers operators.Whether it is a addictive player or a casual consumer , all will be easy to join the player camp and experience the fun of advanced multiplayer VR battle technology.

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Product Advantage 

1、Immersive multiplayer interactive experience device

2、Global Connected Sports

3、Real sense shooting experience

4、Multiple scene modes

Battle Games

Three quality games design for all kind for people,which makes people feel shooting immersive expeience.

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