VR360, 360 Degree Rotation Experience_VRway

Pulished on Dec. 20, 2019


Mainstream artifact-VR360, a new perspective VR new research and development of virtual reality equipment, unprecedented cool and stylish appearance, essential items to attract people, bring VR glasses to let you have an immersive experience, feel the "real coolness" in the process "!

VR360, 360 Degree Rotation Experience_VRway

VR360 is a motion trajectory that combines the movement principle of industrial machinery to match the perspective of the glasses system. It achieves a space bonus when the device is moving, which can simulate mobile simulation. Then cooperate with VR glasses, and under the catalysis of VR glasses, our visual sense will also reach simulation. So it can be said that the fun level of this device can be felt.


VR360 allows users to wear glasses that are fully integrated into the game display system with a clear picture, and the device system automatically rotates.

VR360, 360 Degree Rotation Experience_VRway

VR360 is a very fun intelligent simulation of real VR equipment, the screen is processed by technology, so that players will be more integrated into the game. When a user is wearing a helmet to play a game, it seems to us that the device is spinning outside, and the user displays a virtual world picture in the helmet. They may be crossing the clouds or something at this point.


VR360, 360 Degree Rotation Experience_VRway

VR 360-degree rotation, super centrifugal force, magic circle, suitable for experiencers to release pressure, vent negative feelings, super exciting experience.

Mid-air suspension 360 ° passive / autonomous rotation; simulation of various motion attitudes, and various topographic maps of roller coasters, taking you to the VR horizon.

VR360, 360 Degree Rotation Experience_VRway

360 ° panoramic helmet: An immersive gaming experience with a sweeping view of the front, back, left, right, and left.

360-degree no-dead-angle rotation: Independently developed multi-degree-of-freedom precision Mini platform, small size, can experience 360-degree rotation.

Convenient operating system: new upgraded playback system, independent research and development, convenient and observable.

Exquisite dynamic device: Full multi-angle meticulous dynamic platform device, perfectly adapted to the movie program and more immersive experience.

VR360, 360 Degree Rotation Experience_VRway

Stylish and dynamic shape design: The doubling of technology and fashion sense can be called the "eye-catching artifact" of the VR experience hall, which is loved by the majority of users.

Exquisite safety protection device: Equipped with exquisite safety protection device, high safety, let you play with peace of mind and have fun.

VR360, 360 Degree Rotation Experience_VRway

Comfortable seat: sci-fi peripheral, ergonomic design, 360 ° rotation motion simulation effect, presenting a realistic VR journey.

VR 360-degree rotation gives players the freedom to feel from beginning to end. The reality is very strong. The crazy centrifugal force and 360-degree rotation bring a strong sense of excitement. And it is equipped with safety protection devices to ensure the safety of the experiencer.

VR360, 360 Degree Rotation Experience_VRway

360-degree rotation makes the content experience more real and exciting. 360-degree changes the original principle of VR games that can only move up and down, left and right, it can move up and down, and can be tilted 180 degrees. 360-degree rotation has subverted people's vr's view, immersive vr glasses + double seat belt + fixed foot protection = safety.


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