Six-person VR Spacecraft, Immersive Space Experience_VRway

Pulished on Dec. 18, 2019



The 9DVR six-seater spacecraft is a VR device that realizes multi-person interaction, which meets the collective interactive, high-tech products. The VR six-seater spacecraft uses 9Dvr and is equipped with advanced high-definition headsets, allowing you to feel various in the space capsule A variety of landscapes, experience different feelings, and experience the most realistic VR virtual reality.

Six-person VR Spacecraft, Immersive Space Experience_VRway

The 6-DOF 9D VR experience cabin has been upgraded to a multiplayer experience system, which can accommodate 4-9 people at the same time. Experiencers do not need to wait in long queues, and operators also save costs. At the same time, the 6-DOF 9D VR experience cabin is upgraded to 6 After the DOF dynamic platform, as the platform's action range is larger and more obvious, the stimulus of the experiencer will also double;

Six-person VR Spacecraft, Immersive Space Experience_VRway

VR six-person spaceship VR breaks through a two-person and three-person ride. It has as many as six seats, which is very suitable for family and friends. Once opened, six people can play at the same time. On the instant-view interactive six-person spaceship, you can see the colorful “world” and experience the shock brought by VR vision together, just like dreaming, flying with family or friends in another world, and feeling what it brings. Mystery.

Attractive appearance, high-tech products

The VR six-seater spacecraft adopts advanced equipment and has a stylish and beautiful appearance. Coupled with the lighting color rendering, it is easy to attract users' onlookers and make users full of interest in the six-seater spacecraft.

Six-person VR Spacecraft, Immersive Space Experience_VRway

Three degree of freedom platform

Adopting an advanced three-degree-of-freedom platform, the six spaceships of virtual reality have obvious economics, economy, and operability, are not limited by weather conditions and places, have high efficiency, and have a more experiential experience. In addition, they also have automatic dynamic special effects to allow users Experience the spaceship more realistic. Bring vr glasses to experience the flying of the spacecraft in places such as outer space and primitive times, and bring experiencers to experience the exciting, real and mysterious VR journey.

Six-person VR Spacecraft, Immersive Space Experience_VRway

Simple and convenient game management system

It is very suitable for the store to open a VR experience store. It contains a convenient and simple game management system, which is very convenient for managers to learn and manage the VR six-seat spacecraft equipment. It is conducive to management and does not need to worry about tedious operation processes.

Six-person VR Spacecraft, Immersive Space Experience_VRway

Product technology point

The audio system is divided into vertical and horizontal partitions, and discrete speakers are used to convey music and sound effects to the space created by the film.

The dynamic effect is strong, and 6 people can play at the same time.

The interactive atmosphere is strong, with precise ear winds, leg sweeps, tremors, and back effects.

Dedicated seats, spacecraft shapes, comfortable seats, ergonomic design, so that the details are truly dead-free, perfecting the sense of experience.


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