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Pulished on Jul. 15, 2020


Global Virtual Reality Conference 5G VR A New Development Opportunities

Recently, the fifth Global Virtual reality Conference (GVRC) opened online. Themed "Future and Innovation, VR New Economy and Globalization", the conference was held in the cloud in a full panoramic virtual way for the first time.

It is reported that the online conference will last for two days. Through mobile cloud VR (VR headset, mobile phone and TV products) and H5, it will lead the audience to "Cloud Exhibition"and " Cloud Forum", and display the innovative application results of 5G+VR through immersive experience.

Global Virtual Reality Conference 5G VR A New Development Opportunities 


Online conferences offer an immersive cloud experience


More than 60 keynote speeches and round-table dialogues were held at the conference, and experts and scholars at home and abroad were invited, as well as guests from Cameron, huawei, HTC, zte, Guangdong VRway and other enterprises to discuss 5G+VR content, terminal, technology, investment and other topics in the cloud with virtual images.

In addition to the "Cloud Forum", the conference also opened the "cloud exhibition" section at the same time. In the virtual world, an exhibition hall covering an area of more than 1,500 square meters was set up, including six theme exhibition areas, namely rhinoceros sauce welcome hall, boutique content exhibition hall, virtual studio hall, 5G terminal hall, industry application hall.

Through "Cloud Exhibition", visitors can freely choose the exhibition halls they are interested in and have a tour without queuing. Whether it is the fierce CBA All-Star Game, or the golden Mountain scenery of Mount Everest on the snowy plateau, or Van Gogh's famous painting "Starry Sky" in the art museum, the 360-degree panorama is presented to the audience.



5G+VR presents opportunities


After the epidemic, will 5G+VR be a new trend in the future? In 2020, the VR industry may usher in a new round of rapid development by taking a ride on the high-speed train with new infrastructure.

Data shows that 124,000 5G base stations have been built in China Mobile, covering 56 cities, and the number of users with 5G plans has exceeded 50 million. At the conference, China Mobile also unveiled its first three-terminal full coverage of cloud VR products and cloud VR cooperation plan.

In the future, 5G application scenarios will be increasingly enriched through the fusion of dual gigabytes, intelligent networking, cloud VR capabilities and other leading technologies and services. The gradual integration of 5G technology will further meet the market's increasing new demand for digital consumption.

VRway, the leading enterprises in R&D and high-tech applications, come and join us!

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