360 degree panorama immerses yourself in the virtual world.

Pulished on Dec. 06, 2018


360 degree panorama immerses yourself in the virtual world.

360-degree panoramic technology is a new visual technology that is rapidly developing and gradually popularized around the world.

It provides a real sense of presence and interaction. It can be widely used in 3D real estate, tourist attractions, universities and other fields. The displayed scene is a real scene, which is more realistic and more stereoscopic than traditional graphic video.

360 degree panorama immerses yourself in the virtual world.

Global tourism, tourism +, rural revitalization strategy. One keyword after another is stimulating the development of tourism. All kinds of tourist attractions have developed rapidly around us. For a new scenic spot, promotion is a very important issue. No matter how beautiful it is,  if no one knows,there are very few passengers even after the holiday.

It is definitely necessary to deploy promotion work on high-traffic platforms, such as search engines, blogs, etc. The platform is determined, and the next step is to output unique content around the characteristics of the scenic spot to attract users to pay attention to the promotion. The panoramic display combines images, video, audio, 3D technology, and social networking. The experience is more intuitive, and it can give the public an immersive sense of substitution, which can arouse the curiosity and interest of the public. Thereby achieving a certain promotion purpose.

In addition to scenic spots, the same applies to schools, real estate, shopping centers, hotels, agriculture, etc., can use this technology and means to achieve display, promotion, promotion, marketing purposes. Given the scarcity of high-quality content, panoramic technology will be the main theme of the content market. 360 degree panorama allows users to fully immerse themselves in virtual scenes and interact with virtual environments in the virtual world.

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