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9D VR 2 Seats Egg Chair Virtual Reality Cinema

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9D VR 2 Seats Egg Chair Virtual Reality Cinema


Fantastic View Goods Realistic Experience Egg Shape 9d VR Cinema 2 Seats Virtual Reality 9d Egg Chair uses the VR glasses to show the 360-degree movies. It connects with the motion seats and bring you a totally different and real experience. You can aim at the target with your head and press the bottom in the seats to shoot the target in the movies you see in the glasses. This feeling is really wonderful.


1. Support Customized,support coin, swiping, We Chat ,Cash system

2. High resolution PICO VR helmet

3. Professional special effects

4. Different kinds of movies and games

5. 12 months warranty

6. Professional experience zone design

Why choose our 2 Seats 9D 360 Vision VR Egg Chair?

1. Professional Egg Design Dynamic Motion Seats-- more attractive

2. Leg sweep, Buttocks vibration,Ear wind, Back vibration special effects-- more real

3. Own management system -- more convenient

4. 4 Interactive shooting games --more exciting

5. Dynamic electric system platform--more stable and powerful


Product name9D VR Egg chair
VR headsetPico Helmet*2
Movie quantity122 games including roller coaster etc
Playing timeCustomized
Machine sizeL2000*W1100*H1900mm
Screen sizeConsole with 42 inches screen
Special effectsEar wind,sweeping legs,bottom vibration,back vibration

9D VR 2 Seats Egg Chair Virtual Reality Cinema